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Fireball tables are outstanding tables with international quality rods, handles, and cabinet. They are recognized by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF) as a recommended table. They are by far the best soccer tables made in China.

The table combines elements of European and American designs. The player figures are relatively wide – like American-style Tornado and Warrior brands – but taper to a more rounded end, making styles involving European-style pin shots very easy to execute too.

Fireball ITSF model (6,500 RMB)

Fireball ITSFThe ITSF Model has the most advanced table design in the world. Innovative ball return and scoring markers plus Double QPQ black super strong rods make this our table of choice for our tournaments in China. You can find this table at all our venues that we play at weekly. As you can see from our places directory, this is the standard table in the city. Most bars and pubs purchase this instead of a cheaper model because this one is far more resistant and durable.

This is also one of the ITSF official tables played at the ITSF world Championship every year. Multiple time World Champion Tony Spredeman describes this as his favorite table to play on in the world.

For more detailed information about this table click here.



Fireball Home Pro Tour (6,100 RMB)

Fireball Home Pro TourThis is the table most home owners chose to buy (silver rods).

It is the best value professional model table in the world. Offering most of the same playing ability as its big brother the ITSF model but at a lower price.

For more detailed information about this table click here.





Bottom line, we recommended Fireball tables because:

    1. If you want to get better you need a table which allows you learn.


    1. It’s easier to show what you learned when we meet around. No adaptation time needed.


    1. Beside normal maintenance, it outlasts any other table made in China and rivals any European or American table in quality.




Prices include professional delivery, some spare parts,  and a guide on how to install the table. If you need help with the installation, leveling and frequent maintenance you can contact us about setting up a yearly service deal. If you rather do the maintenance yourself then please feel free to buy your spare parts directly from Shanghaifoosball since we keep most of it in stock.


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