We will hold an ITSF Master tournament in Shanghai MAY 19-21. Please download the information package here in English or Chinese. Click here for tournament’s registration.

Regular Events

We hold regular weekly events. You can also contact us to confirm any details. Addresses are on our Where to play pages.

New players are very welcome! We’ll make sure you that you’ll team up with more experienced players, and if you want we can give some suggestions on how to improve your game. We were all new players once and our priority is to spread foosball in Shanghai!

We love our local foosball bars and are really happy that they love foosball. Our players love the food and drink specials that we get as well!

Wednesday @ Skyline
Training day & fun games. Emphasis on Amateur players and occasionally some training from Shanghai’s best pro players.

Learning new techniques and practicing them is the only way to get better. Learning by yourself usually just leads to reinforcing bad habits.

We are usually at Skyline from about 8:00 p.m. until late. Quite a few of us drop in after work and have dinner here. Winner stays on the table format. Aaron and staff are super friendly.

Thursday and Saterday@ Joy Bar
Fun games and very friendly owners. Maggie and Uwe are always ready to play. Music instruments are available for a Jam session.

Friday @ Blue Marlin (Serious tournament day)
This is the best day to have a taste of what a foosball competition is like. It’s the day we have the most players.  After the tournament some of us head out to play at some other bars.
Playing in a Tournaments doesn’t mean no fun for newer players. Our event is usually a “Monster DYP”(Also called Fair4All) to make things more fun for all.  Each player gets a randomly assigned partner for each game and plays against another random team.

Blue Marlin is a great new high end sports bar. Great food and drinks. Sports on the Big Screen TVs, a killer live band, plus pool & foosball. Perfection!

Friday and Saturday late @ The Beaver   (Fun, drinks and trash talk time)

Some of us end up at the Beaver late night on Friday or Saturday nights. Winners Stay On (just remember to tap the table to join the queue). Happy hour starting 12:00 – 2:00 (yes, a.m.). Few other places stay open until 5:00 a.m. Fun but not serious trash talk, relaxed rules, and tons of fun…
Check here for the addresses (and/or follow link on smartshanghai for taxi driver printout). These are all absolutely open, “walk-in” events. However, if you tell us you are coming, we’ll send you our contacts and give you info.


  1. Brian
    Posted on: 2-14-2016

    Hi there,

    I’ll be moving to Shanghai in July and I’d love to play Foosball out there if possible. I play often in Arizona and I’m rated as 3.6. We have a great league over here and tournaments weekly. Was wondering if there is anything like that offered in Shanghai? Thanks for the help and info. Keep on foosing!


    • Stefano Bosello
      Posted on: 2-16-2016

      Come see us in July! We don’t have a league but we have weekly tournaments and regular events.

  2. Doug Wood
    Posted on: 2-24-2016

    Big market in USA for the fireball table. Any idea how to get them over here?

  3. Chandler Jow
    Posted on: 5-26-2016

    The We Chat picture is expired when I am trying to join the club to learn professional foosball and have fun. Would anyone help update it? Thanks.

  4. Posted on: 1-16-2017

    I’d love to play this Foosball, it’s becoming quite the talk, quite popular and this most be a good thing. I am waiting to visit a country that has this table so that I can definitely partake in the sport!

    Posted on: 2-1-2017

    I love football, can I join the group? The wechat QR cod is not available any more.

    • Stefano Bosello
      Posted on: 2-1-2017

      Yes, unfortunately the wechat code doesn’t work as it used to it, and it refreshes it much more often. Come anytime at our regular events, email us if you want to know aboout a specific date or venue. See you soon!

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